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13 more tips for your wedding day

Did you like our last 20 tips article? It has the highest view count of all our blog posts. We’ve heard lots of feedback on how helpful it is to answer questions and bring attention to things on your wedding date that otherwise, you might not have thought about before. With that in mind, we collected these 13 more tips on other things to consider before your wedding day.

Book your vendors early! The top vendors you should look into booking early are your venue, wedding planner, photographers and videographers. Often these vendors are small businesses and will not be able to accommodate you if they are already reserved for another date. On the other hand, businesses for floral, catering and others tend to have multiple teams to handle multiple weddings so they may be able book multiple weddings on the same date.

If you are the sentimental type or a big fan of details, get a few extra invitations for the photographers to snap pictures of. You can even add it afterwards to a keepsake box. Our top wedding package includes a keepsake box and prints of your top favorite photos. This would be a great place to keep all  your favorite mementos from your big day.

If your future spouse plans on having a nice, fresh haircut for the day of your wedding, do it a week or so prior so there’s not a tan line from the hair cut!

Do you wear contact lenses? Make sure to pack some eye drops and contact lens solution if you are not used to wearing the kind of professional makeup you’ll have on your wedding day. On the day of your hair/makeup trial, consider wearing the kind of contacts you plan to wear the day of the wedding to make sure there are no unexpected reactions, especially if you are planning to wear a lot of eye makeup.

Have someone give you one last look over before you walk down the aisle. Usually a planner will do this, but if you haven’t booked a planner, a friend or someone in your bridal party will work for this. You don’t want to be walking down the aisle with a strap showing or toilet paper on your shoe!

Are you writing your own vows? Don’t forget to print them out! We’ve seen a lot of couples use their phone for vows, which is fine for reading, but not for photos! Printed or hand written vows make for a beautiful photo and add a special personal touch. It’s also a great idea to write each other a special wedding day letter or note to read during preparation, especially if you’ve decided not to do a first look. This can help you feel connected and give you an opportunity to share your feelings on your special day.

If you are doing a cake cutting, don’t forget to bring cutlery! Many companies make special wedding cutlery and some can even be personalized. Not every venue is equipped with these tools, and you don’t want to try and cut your big beautiful cake with a fork and a butter knife off the closest guest table!

Create a #hashtag for guests to use at your wedding so later you can look at your guest’s point of view by looking up the hashtag on social media! There are lots of clever ideas out there that can incorporate your names or other special details about your day into the hashtag.

Take a few moments to look around once you sit down at your head table for reception. Watch all your friends and the family you have invited. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day and forget to soak in the moments.

photo courtesy of I Heart PhotoBomb

Everyone always worries about the wedding favors for your guests. Don’t! Most guests remember only a few things about your reception: how good the food was and how nice the music was. Sending them home with joyful memories is the best gift you can give! If that’s still not enough, hire a photo booth company like I Heart Photo Bomb, which offers professional photo booth services with professional cameras. Fun photo mementos are a great wedding day favor.

On your RSVP cards, put a line for requested songs. This way you have an idea of what everyone wants to hear and dance to and so you can build a list with the DJ accordingly. Another thing to have on the RSVP cards is a deadline. Make sure you provide a date you must hear confirmation back from them if they are coming. If you don’t hear back from those invited, give them a call to confirm. The last thing you’d want is 20 extra guests showing up on your wedding date after the venue has already set up the tables and decor.

Splurge on a new perfume/cologne you haven’t worn before your wedding day. That way, every time you wear it or smell it, it will remind you of your big day! Maybe go shopping with your future spouse for these special items together. Pick something you each love for each other!

During the first dance, focus on your new spouse! So many couples get nervous being in front of everyone, or are anxious to see all the friends and family they haven’t seen in so long. You’ll get plenty of time to visit with all your guests, but enjoy the moment of your first dance with each other! You never get a second chance for your first dance together as a married couple.

Bonus tip! Save your hair/make up trial for engagement photos or dress fitting day, this way you can see how the hair and makeup will look either as a complete package with the dress, or how it will look in photos for engagement!

Do you have some other tips or ideas that are not in the article? Be sure to let us know so we can share it with other couples!

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