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Frequently Asked Questions​

We are Here to Answer all your Wedding Photography Questions!

Due to the amount of equipment required for us to execute our vision of your wedding day, we only travel within the state of Florida.

Travel within the Central Florida region is included as part of our package. The 4 corners of the border are Brooksville, Daytona, St Lucie and Naples. Please reach out if you’d like to make sure you are within that range.

Nope! When we say all day, we mean all day! We have started as early as 6am and ended as late at midnight, we will start when you start and end when you leave the venue!

Both of us specialize in capturing photos for the day, we do have several video partners who we work well together, please ask if you’d like more details.

We do not, but we have friendors (friend vendors) who do and we’d be happy to provide their information to you!

We each carry two cameras on the wedding day with a mix of camera lenses for different situations! We always carry two on us so we don’t have to change lenses as often and if one stops working, we can still capture your day without a pause.

We use full frame Sony cameras with various Sony G and G Master lenses. We also have underwater cameras and drones for trash the dress, pool engagements etc…

Our style is Editorial/Photo-journalistic, our goal is to capture the day naturally but in a way that the pictures can be as stunning as those you would see in a magazine. We are inspired by few of the most well known photographers in the industry who shoot a similar style, including The Brenizers, Ryan and Tatiana; Lanny and Erika of Two Mann Studios, Pye Jirsa of Lin and Jirsa and renowned DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

Throughout the day, our goal is to simply capture the wedding as it happens without specifically giving you instruction to pose (Candid style photos). The only time we will ask you to pose is during formals, but we still try to make it fun rather than the typical posed picture. 

We provide 3-6 sneak peeks the same night, usually within a few hours of the event ending. Our standard turn around is 8-12 weeks. Sometimes it extends out to 10-14 weeks if we have back to back weddings and other shoots in between (holiday season.) We will always communicate with you regularly to let you know how your gallery is progressing. 

All images delivered to our clients are digtally corrected and print ready up to 20×30

We do not delete any photos, however, equipment eventually fail. We guarantee hosting of your gallery for a minimum of 2 years. 

Yes, we have a liability policy for up to 1 million dollars. We’d be happy to discuss with your venue and send them the COI.

After an initial meeting, we will hold a date for at least 7 days unless another inquiry comes in. At that point, we will notify you another couple is interested in the same date and you will have 12 hours to respond with a booking or the date will be made available to the other couple. 

To secure us for your wedding date, a retainer for the date must be paid. Our retainer is 20% of your total invoice. The rest of the balance is due the day of your wedding.

You can find most venues we’ve shot at in our blog posts as we post every wedding (there’s a delay). For venues we haven’t shot before, we try to attend your rehearsal, long as the rehearsal date is available and you are able to provide it to us in advance. 

Our packages start at $3500 with most couples spend on average of $4200 for our services.

Do you still have questions? comments? concerns? fill out our contact form and get in touch!

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