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Amanda + James ][ Melbourne Beach Florida Wedding

James and Amanda’s wedding was definitely a family affair! This special day was a wonderful reminder of just how much a marriage is not just the union of two souls, but the joining of two families into one. Their bridal party consisted of their beautiful children: Mason, Jeremy, and Noah as groomsmen, and Kayla and Mallory as bridesmaids. The ceremony took place in a small, charming and intimate church on Melbourne Beach with only their closest friends and family gathered in attendance.

The reception afterwards was laid back and fun, with tons of dancing and drinks at the Yellow Dog Café. The patio where everyone was celebrating showcased a stunning view of the water and a fantastic pier to enjoy. The outdoor affair even allowed for a magical moment during the first dance when a rainbow emerged just as Amanda and James began their first dance as husband and wife. This event was truly a blessed occasion and the beginning of a lifetime of happy memories as one close and loving family.

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