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Christina + Andrew ][ Gamble Mansion Palmetto Florida Wedding

Christina and Andrew came to us through a friend of a friend. Andrew is a hobbyist photographer who is the technical director of Bradenton Christian Reformed Church, while Christina is a manager at Hobby Lobby, both families have deep Christian beliefs and God led lives. Xiwei and Andrew quickly got along with their silly antics.

On the wedding day, Rachel was recovering from a broken toe injury and we hired on a 3rd shooter, Jarin from Sarasota, who’s a travel/landscape photographer. The 3 of us were successful in covering Christina and Andrew’s wedding from beginning to end. The couple even had two receptions! One for the members of their church who watched the two of them grow up and another for close friends and family!

We look forward to continuing to photograph their family as they grow with God and bring joy to those around them!

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