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Christina + Joseph


Christina + Joseph ][ Melbourne Beach Florida Wedding

Not many men can boast that they wrote their own first dance song, but Joseph is among the greats who can. A man of few words, mild mannered and reserved, Joseph had the entire room impressed when his sweet and moving chorus was crooned as he spun his new bride across the dance floor.

The wedding day overall was fortuitous and lovely. Right up until the night before, the forecast said “rain” and we were inclined to believe it, but from the moment the sun broke through the clouds until the moment it set, there was no rain on Joseph and Christina’s perfect day.

We met this gorgeous couple at the wedding of the groom’s sister, nearly a year ago. They are a large family, with a lot of love to go around. It was a fantastic reunion to see the whole family again and to see the new babies that had been born, including twins! Meeting Christina’s wonderful family was a joy as well, she even had family come from Mexico to see the joining of these two beautiful souls.

We wish them both the best as they start their new life, beginning with a fabulous, exotic honeymoon to Barbados! We heard tell that Joseph has a new home all prepared for them to move into when they get back: the start of a lifetime of happy memories together. We are so grateful to have been invited to be there at the start of it.

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