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Karra + Aaron ][ The Pavilion at Mixon Farms Bradenton Florida Wedding

It’s been two years since we photographed a wedding at Mixon’s Fruit Farm up in Bradenton. It was beautiful event then, and we were so excited to be back there in that gorgeous venue for the union of Karra and Aaron after such a long time. 

Karra was the epitome of beauty and grace that day. Her family is so close and their bonds in love and in faith are so strong. It was a joy to spend the day with them. The warmth and tenderness were palpable from the first moment to the last.

 Aaron was and is the perfect gentleman; a man of stout morals and powerful faith as well. They are the perfect match in every way. This love story has such strong beginning that it is without a doubt that it will continue to grow long past this day of sweet moments and solemn vows.

We met this couple at their church, Church of Motion, which is affiliated with our own home church. Karra lends her amazing voice to the worship team there and Aaron offers his musical talents there as well. When we visited there to take photos at the request of the church leadership was when we first got the chance to capture them in front of the camera lens. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

We are so grateful that our relationship with them only grew from there, as they invited us to join them on their wedding day. It was an added bonus that they chose one of our favorite venues when they chose Mixon’s. There was just so many exquisite settings in this venue that highlight the beauty of the event. All in all, we could not have asked for a more perfect day. We congratulate them as they embark on this journey as man and wife. 

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