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Kashmir and Jesse’s Woodland Engagement Session at Rye Preserve

Parrish, FL

In the tranquil embrace of nature at Rye Preserve, the love story of Kashmir and Jesse unfolded in a silent symphony, for they communicated not through words but through the language of their hearts. Against the backdrop of rustling leaves and the soft murmur of a nearby stream, their engagement session was a testament to the quiet strength of their connection. Both deaf, they found solace and understanding in each other’s presence, their love transcending the need for spoken words.

As they wandered hand in hand through the woods, it was evident that their love story was as boundless as the wilderness around them. Their shared silence spoke volumes, echoing promises of a lifetime together. Excitement lingered in the air as they planned their upcoming destination wedding in the misty peaks of the Smoky Mountains, where their love, like the mountains themselves, would stand tall, enduring and unshakable.

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